Design Your Own

Do you have an idea for a wedding ring or piece of jewelry that you cannot find in stores? Laurence can make your idea become a reality


The IDea

Bring images or sketches of jewelry with you at the time you meet with Laurence that represent the elements you would like included in your final design. 

              Tip : Use platforms such as Pinterest or Instagram to gather ideas and images of jewelry that inspire you.


The CAD Design and 3D Model

Laurence will apply the ideas and images you provided and create a computer aided design (CAD) image for your review. This is the optimum time to make any changes or enhancements to the design.  

Once you have approved your CAD design image, it will be printed into a delicate wax model. This is your opportunity to see the actual scale and details of how your final piece will appear.   




Now the excitement begins to build. Your design is transformed from a wax mold to a metal form.


Clean up and FINISHING

After casting, the jewelry has a skin layer called "casting scale" that is removed with files and abrasives. 

This is the stage where the piece is pre-polished and prepped for stone setting.


Stone Setting

 As a master stone setter, Laurence precisely sets each stone under high magnification with absolute perfection. 



Once the stone setting is complete, the piece is given it's final finish. You may opt for a matte, satin, or mirror finish for your jewelry. 


The End...

Nesting the finished piece in it's hard cased box marks the end of the creation process.